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WideTEK 36/42/48




WideTek 36/42/48 large format flatbed scanner

The WideTEK 36", 42" and 48" are designed to address the everyday needs of wide format users. These very fast, yet astonishingly quiet scanners set a new standard in both performance and quality. The WideTEK is designed for professionals that demand attention to detail in every facet of a WF scanner. These high resolution scanners are designed to provide fast, high quality scans, copy or file distributions of large format maps, renderings or drawings.


Scanning Speed

Full Bed 24-bit color scan
Model 150x150 dpi 300x300 dpi 600x600 dpi 1200x1200 dpi
WideTEK 36 12.4 in/sec 8.3 in/sec 2.1 in/sec 0.8 in/sec
WideTEK 42 9.3 in/sec 6.2 in/sec 1.6 in/sec 0.8 in/sec
WideTEK 48 9.3 in/sec 6.2 in/sec 1.6 in/sec 0.8 in/sec


Optional Software